3 Days, 3 Themes

Attendee Experience

Day 1 is all about enhancing and improving the audience experience at virtual events.

Some of the industry's biggest challenges in going online with events have been surrounding engagement, interaction, gamification and accessibility.

ROI for All

Day 2 is the day where you'll learn how to monetize your events.

Whether virtual or hybrid, times are tough for the industry. Simply staying afloat has become difficult, never mind boosting ROI for organizers and exhibitors. But virtual and hybrid events can be even more profitable than in-person events - you just need the right tools and skills.

Post-Pandemic Events

Day 3 is when you'll hear from industry influencers about what the future holds.

Expert speakers will explore hybrid events, safer venues, tech's role in events in a post-pandemic world and much more.

3 Tracks

So, what's a track? Think of it like a channel on TV.
Each one has a different type of content. Each track contains multiple sessions, and all 3 tracks will be running sessions concurrently. But don't just choose one - discover them all!

Evolve Learn

All the content in the Evolve Learn track is dedicated to educational, insightful sessions. Get ready for tips, guidance, best practices and masterclasses. Bring your questions to ask the industry experts who will be speaking!

Evolve Explore

Swamped with demos to find tools and services for your events, but unsure how to know which one is best for you? This track is dedicated entirely to showcasing tools and services. A space for you to discover, search, compare and shop.

Evolve Inspire

Let's be inspired by others' success stories. Watch case studies of event organizers who overcame challenges to put on successful virtual & hybrid events. They'll be sharing their advice, secrets and do's & don'ts to help you achieve your dreams. If they can do it, you sure can!

Conference Schedule

- Full schedule coming soon -
Browse the conference agenda to discover the most interesting sessions for you.

Bonus Sessions

By registering to Evolve 2.0, you will also get access to the on-demand content of our previous events: Evolve: The Virtual Event for Planners & Evolve Community Series

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